August 5 - Project Update #2

Hello everyone,

It has been brought to our attention that the escorting website is actually engaging several simultaneous actions to prevent us from releasing the platform, over bullshit arguments related to Intellectual property and trademark infringement for the brand "Eros".

These actions led to the suspension of (1) our Twitter account, and a few hours ago (2) our server. 

Additionally, this company is also trying to steal the domain name from us, as you can see here:

That's ok. We expected this. We will NOT let this company silence us, and we are currently fighting on all fronts to get everything restored as soon as possible.

Regarding the tokens distribution, it has been postponed by a few days because of these issues. 

However, we just got our distribution contract reviewed by a third-party auditor, that confirmed our contract is now free of any issue ( ), which will allow the distribution to happen very shortly.

Finally, please make sure to bookmark this blog ( as this cannot be taken down and will therefore be our primary communication channel for the next few days.

Thanks for your continued support and #LetsMakeSexGreatAgain!


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